Words to Books to Tales with Dr. R. Lakshmi Priya, Founder Pachyderm Tales

From words to books, here we have Dr. R. Lakshmi Priya.

Lakshmi Priya is the Founder and CEO of Pachyderm Tales, a creative platform that facilitates translation, editing, compiling, cover designing, and publication. She has worked with more than 200 books in 14 languages.
Her ardent love for voicing women’s rights has led her to campaign for a global networking platform for women from all walks of life, cutting across spatial zones. She spearheads the campaign for recognizing and arranging award shows as a part of the women’s empowerment program.
She is also passionate about translating Tamil literary works to English and vice versa, which feeds her passion for literature. She has translated Bava Chelladurai’s (Kathai Solli) Pangu Kariyum Pin Iravugalum into English, Swetha Prakash’s How Eland Twisted its Horns into Tamil and at present, she has translated Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart into Tamil, for Ethir publishing house.
At present, she is working on a translation of Abdul Razak Kurnah along with 4 other writers. She has published an anthology of horror short stories published by Ukiyoto, a Canadian-based publishing house.
She is a visiting professor in Jenderal Soedirman University, Indonesia, and Royal University of Bhutan. She has delivered lectures in more than 30 universities in India and abroad. She received a doctorate from Bharathidasan University with the title Decanonizing the sleuth: An Analysis of Postmodern Anti-Detective fiction, she is working on its publication at present.
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