an Idea, a Magazine and a Coffee with Dhruvin Dharmendra

young Entrepreneur, Mr.Dhruvin Dharmendra
Dhruvin is the editor and illustrator of Kidliomag magazine. Dhruvin is a 12-year boy who lives with his parents in India. He loves to illustrate and read books. He is the editor of Kidliomag, A Kid’s Literary Magazine.
@kidliomag @read.illustrate.dhruvin
Kidliomag has stepped into the Third Year.
Dhruvin reviews all articles, stories, and books that come for publishing. He tries to make magazines more creative and interesting for children so he designs all activities by himself.


Recently Dhruvin has released a book, Hello World!
About the Book  ‘Come! Watch your little ones learn how to say “Hello” in eleven different languages from around the world. This illustrated educational book celebrates children from eleven multicultural countries and is a great introduction to the joy of language in early childhood.’
Here’s the link to grab your copy.

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