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Do you wish to offer training services in the following aspects? We would be creating masterclasses—mini-academies for a new way of learning—and 1-2-1 mode. Get in touch with us with the expertise or training services you wish to offer.

Sales, marketing, and branding, Storytelling as a Tool: Corporate, Institute, Institute/ School Writing (Editing/ creation/content writing or designing a cover-designing Emotional, Mental well-being) Counseling, Coaching personality, soft skills, and public speaking.

Our community has Mentors and Coaches too. Maybe a connect with us will help you build a framework.

We are a community of 2500-3000 members on Mayaakatha, where Stories dance. You can connect and share stories and be part of our events too. Maybe you can organize events with your brand name too.

Our community is a marketplace not only to connect but we are always in search of new stories and stories that would connect to the roots and help us evolve. We would share it on our YouTube channel, Facebook community and with our other community hubs through events, brand-talks and live shows basis the schedule.

Sometimes it’s about how we share what we share. Our community not only help you with leads/ contacts, we have SMEs and Senior Professionals who can guide you in sharing your stories in your own way connecting with your audience’s need and your purpose by re-purposing and bringing about a little tweak in the angle which would create yet another marketplace of opportunities.

LetsMakeStoriesDino, organically growing 1000-1500 membered community has a marketplace of Writers, Authors, Publishers and Publishing consultants, Website builders. It’s not only about taking part in the writing events, we have a Writing battalion who can guide you too. Also we have a good connect with the Publishers/ Publishing consultants/ Website builders too, who can assist you to publish or create a blog or a website or offer services?

Market/ Institutions/ Content builders/ Authors are always on look-out for Writers/ Editors. We have requirements coming in where we are on look out for the Editors. Basis your work and experience we can direct you to potential service buyer/ provider.

Are you someone, who loves to participate in writing events and share your work with a community that can guide you, review your content and stay connected? You are in the right place. We are a growing community and love to read each other’s content and help them create more and re-create the content. We look at feedback as a stepping stone to growth and add it as a feather to our experience cap.

We have a pool, we have a community and we have folks in the Industry who are experienced and SME in this space and we can put you across to them.

Do share your profile, Bio link/ SM profile handles. Our community members are looking for Trainers for their Schools/ institutions/ workshops.

We have interviewed and spoken about brands of around 50+ people and their brands. Many have got business proposals and leads. If not in a big way, they have definitely got great exposure and many listeners have turned into their clients/ customers.

Mayaakatha, where Stories dance and LetsmakeStoriesDino as a community, we are someone who love to blow the trumpet of your work and business too. We are an online community marketplace and we are in the business of creating opportunities, connecting people with opportunity providers and other communities where they can explore options in the form of Storyteller, Writer, Trainer or the area they wish to.

We not only wish to connect you with people and communities, we would love to talk about your upcoming events too. ( Related to Storytelling/ writing/ Training/ Community hubs and brand talks).

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