What is stopping you from becoming an excellent Public Speaker?

What will you learn in the workshop?
1. Public Speaking Mindset
2. Basics of Speech Crafting
3. Speech Delivery Techniques
4. Audience Engagement Strategies

Only limited seats are available!

What is stopping you from becoming an excellent #publicspeaker?

Fear of #judgment?
Lack of #confidence?
Lack of #content?

Don’t worry! Most people face the fear of #publicspeaking, termed #Glossophobia.

However, #mindsetchange, constant practice, and hard work can transform you into the best speaker.

Great speakers are not born; they are made.

Do you want to be a great #publicspeaker? Then, it’s time to master the art of public speaking right from your childhood.

Public Speaking Mastery Workshop for teenage students on 28th January 2023 (Saturday)

Venue: Zoom
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Cost: Rs. 499 only
Payment link: https://imjo.in/jEGEyk (or scan the QR Code on the poster)

You will receive the meeting link after successful payment.

Register soon and book your seats today!

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