Welcome to Live Life Light
Today’s world is at stress. Negativity has spread its thick blanket over every individual. Almost everyone lives their life scared. It’s time to make Life pleasant and happy.
This event is organized by Story Store an initiative by Alvin – StorytellerAlvin Raja in association with Chennai Storytellers.
Happy to share that Mayaakatha Hub is also associating with Story Store
10 Day Storytelling Event for Adults which will help you to
– Gain a positive outlook on life
– Get Stories that reduce stress
– Ways to deal with toughness of daily life
– Learn the skill of storytelling by watching 11 experienced storytellers
Jan 18 to Jan 28 @ 9.30pm to 10pm all days except Sunday
Virtual through ZOOM, Tickets at ₹699/- only
Here’s a Video by Jeeva Raghunath Ma’am

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