What not to miss while Pitching

What not to miss while Pitching (From Founder’s diary)

🌱 Pitch not only for money.

🌞 Pitch for the purpose and value that you want to create.

🌳Miss not on those opportunities when it’s a grant or it’s an equity free money.

I am sharing my learnings.

Never stop Pitching, because it’s a vision and value you are creating.
Let it be the one that improve GDP of your Country.
Let it be with the purpose of improving the Economic situation of the county.
Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs, let’s build the backbone.
Let’s innovate, collaborate and build portfolios.

A thumbrule that would help.

(Not AI written, it’s from my neurons coming straight without any diversions taken)

1) Stay authentic with what you know and don’t know too!

2) Numbers should be like in the school days in the tip of your tongue.

3) Let’s allow the person to ask the full question or complete their thoughts.

4) Never try to prove your passion and venture. Because that’s why you are presenting.
It’s good to have that fuel within us , but it’s important to see the lens through their eyes too.
Your number and financial projections will speak for your passion.

5) We may want to ride the horse but let’s wait for them to ask the full question.
Only then they will also travel along with you.

6) Take 2-3 seconds or take a pause before responding..
It helps and it really does!

7) Finally present for an outcome but don’t carry the load of grant or investor money in the head while presenting.
Because for the investors to unload it, keep your soil fertile and keep it ready to harvest from the day 1.

With best
Meera V 🌌
an AmmaPreneur

During a Kaapi (a Coffee ☕) and from my Kitchen window is what Mayaakatha Community Hub was born with a purpose of
supporting Early-stage ventures and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to transform their Ideas and challenges into Business thriving stories through Business mentoring and confidence building skills.

I attribute this learning and Journey to NSRCEL Indian Institute of Management Bangalore for helping me cult out my business framework and offerings

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