Pencil scrapings can teach The Target Audience segment too!

✏️ Pencil scrapings Clearing to ‘The Target Audience’ 👥

🎯 Target is such an important metric used as a measuring tool

If we know whom we are offering our services, it’s the target market, Customer built, Repeat Customer, Customize and Customer Success, and more Business 💰

In business or wherever we go, there will be the following Questions:

1) To whom are you catering, and which problem do you want to solve?

2) Why?

3) Who are your customers or audiences?

4) For whom are you writing this book?

5) Who will be your buyer?

6) For whom are you sharing your stories with?

So on and so forth.

These questions will make us think a lot and enable a shift in our thinking pattern on what story to add, where to share, why, and how to.

I am going to share how the AmmaPreneur in me made me think in this angle🫣

The Problem I wanted to solve was to separate the crayons and Pencils from the heap of sharpener scrapings.

A humongous task, but I wanted to get these pencils out, as the clearing process started, at that juncture I could only think of TAM, Target audience segmentation, and building a Target audience, thus this story!


For someone after pausing a corporate journey, who was working with Stories and words in the Training and Mentoring space,

Thanks to NSRCEL Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Mentors

Nagaraja (Naga) Prakasam Sir

Malavika R Harita Mam

Suresh Bhagavatula Sir

Krishnan S Iyer Sir

Team WSP Ankita Pegu Kartik Kumar Choudhary Jibin Mathew Sarala for constantly pushing us to think about whom we are servicing our offerings.

It’s an intense process but worth every second!

A struggle I faced in Mid-Career and Mid-life Crisis is the problem I am working on to create.

Mid-life and Mid-career Journey Creators.



What do we do at Mayaakatha Community Hub?

Here it is!

Mayaakatha is a community hub and an Aggregator Platform,


with a Vision of transforming Ideas into an Outcome for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Early-stage ventures, Solopreneurs/ Freelancers by enabling them to Pitch by nurturing their confidence skills and build their outcome through Business mentoring and Effective writing skills through Training and Mentoring programs

by creating Mid-life and mid-career Journey creators.

A Hub to Connect, Collaborate, Learn, and Grow!

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An article from our Founder Meera V, an AmmaPreneur

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