What is life without a Story?

Story can be from anywhere. It can be in those atoms which creates a molecule. OR those molecules which creates a compound, it’s the bond that is required for the elements/atoms to be intact. A story plays a similar role in our life.

Be it at home or at our workplace.

Be it in the kindergarten books or in the Brand stories of an organization.

Be it a story to make us fall asleep or that story which keeps us awake.

A story is all that we need, if you can pin it with numbers, you can create a pitch deck or a balance sheet.

If you can pin an emotion, you can create an Ocean and Universe of stories.

You are the decision maker who decides what story you want to create.

As you are thinking, which story you want to create, We are inviting you to register

10 Day Storytelling Event for Adults which will help you to

– Gain a positive outlook on life

– Get Stories that reduce stress

– Ways to deal with toughness of daily life

– Learn the skill of storytelling by watching 11 experienced storytellers

Jan 18 to Jan 28 2023

9.30pm to 10pm

All days except Sunday, Virtual through ZOOM

Tickets at ₹699

Register Now:

This event is organised by Story Store Alvin – Storyteller in association with Chennai Storytellers.

Proudly supported by @Chandamama katha JoyofBooks and Mayaakatha, where Stories dance

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