Conquering fear of Public Speaking – a Masterclass – 8th July – Online 

There are several reasons for public speaking fear, including:
1. Fear of judgment
2. Lack of confidence
3. Fear of forgetting or making mistakes
4. Past negative experiences
5. Lack of preparation
6. Social anxiety
7. Self-consciousness and loads more to this list.

What could be an answer to this?
 It’s all about communication and understanding the power of communication and communicating effectively.

Why are communication skills so important today?
Communication skills allow you to interact with people effectively and let you make your presence felt by the people present in a discussion or a meeting.
Boosts your reputation at the workplace.

You seal a dream investment or a job with the help of effective communication skills. You will be able to position yourself as an expert and a leader in your field. Your voice matters because of your skills to convey your message clearly. High chances of getting a promotion and hike. This is seen as a desirable skill in the field of corporate/startup or entrepreneurship. Stand a chance to propel yourself as a TEDx speaker.

Who is this program for?
Anyone and everyone who aspires to increase their skills in effective communication and public speaking.

About the Trainer – Prathiba Leo

Prathiba Leo  is a Communications Specialist working in an Edu tech firm. Prathiba has over 7 years of work experience in the field of Linguistics, Communications, and E-Commerce by working with organizations like Amazon and Walmart. She is a professional French Language and Blogging Coach, Content Writer, and TEDx Speaker.

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Also, if there’s a re-schedule of the event (not usually), it will be notified in advance.

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About the Organizer

Mayaakatha Hub, a Community Hub to Connect Collaborate Learn & Grow 

Mayaakatha is in Incubation with NSRCEL Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
Also, a Marketplace of Trainers, Mentors and Coaches offering following services:

1) Business Mentoring,

2) Confidence building by Nurturing skills and

3) Writing skills.

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